Custom Herbal Blend & Holistic Assessment (with BLOOD WORK)

  • $1.99

*Prices of Herbal Blends vary based on your Personal Assessment*

Benefits of Receiving a Personalized Consultation:

If you are interested in a Personalized Assessment, Purchase our $1.99 Consultation to speak to a Specialist, and we will provide an Assessment & a prescription for Blood Work that will guide you through your Healing Process. 
Immediately following your Purchase, you will receive an email with some basic questions for you to answer.
After assessing your inquiry, you will be able to begin your Healing Process.
Through the Holistic Assessment, we are able to provide an Analysis and a Consultation  with one of our Medical Professionals.
The Blood Work will allow us to determine any Food Sensitivities in order for us to Customize an Herbal Blend that is specific to your Genetic Composition.
ACT NOW and Begin your Healing Journey.

*Prices will be sent via email once Holistic Assessment is completed*