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Humans have a Circadian Rhythm,or an internal clock which is dictated by different hours of sunlight. (Sunrise and Sunset)

The Circadian Rhythm controls hormones, metabolism, the sleep cycle, and cell growth/repair.

We are bombarded with artificial light exposure from devices such as TV's, Computers, Tablets, and Cell Phones.

Operating these devices indoors or after sunset will trick the brain into believing that the sun is rising, which will prevent healthy melatonin secretion before bed.

The prevention of melatonin compromises our quality of sleep and cell repair. Thus, accelerating aging and making us susceptible to disease.

Yaya Holistic, LLC. offers stylish designs that block all frequencies of light that pose a threat to our melatonin production and cell regeneration.

Benefits Include:

  • Falling asleep faster.
  • Improving sleep quality and cell regeneration.
  • More energy upon waking up.
  • Protecting mitochondrial DNA damage.
  • Slowing aging and preventing disease
  • Improving mood, energy, and overall quality of health.