Alkaline Beard Oil

*Alkaline Beard Oil is Intended for External Use Only.  Keep Away from Flames and High Heat.  Keep Out of Reach of Children.*

*The Alkaline Beard Oil is the same Product as the Alkaline Hair Serum.  We are happy to inform Beard Enthusiasts that the Alkaline Hair Serum is an Optimal Product for Facial Hair Health.  Thus, the label on your Beard Oil will read 'Alkaline Hair Serum'.  Please do not be confused.*

*This Product is Scented with Rosemary Essential Oil.*

Contains 15 mL.

Why Alkaline Beard Oil?

The Alkaline Beard Oil is the Perfect Mixture of Natural Ingredients that have been studied for their ability to Grow and Strengthen Facial Hair.  The Alkaline Beard Oil will Reduce Irritation from Shaving; whilst enhancing Hair Strength, Growth, and Thickness.

The Alkaline Beard Oil also Hydrates and Enhances Vibrancy of Facial Hair.  The Antimicrobial and Antibacterial effects of the Alkaline Beard Oil will Protect against Environmental Pathogens.


  • Improve Cellular Generation


  • Hair Thickness


  • Hydrates


  • Restores Shine


  • Repairs


  • Supports Hair Growth


  • Moisturizes


  • Reduces Dandruff

About the Ingredients:

  • Burdock Root contains Vitamin A which Strengthens the Hair and Hydrates the Face.  Burdock Root Stimulates Hair Growth and Enhances Keratin Production.  Burdock Root also Relieves dandruff and itchiness.


  • Grapeseed contains Linoleic Acid, which is responsible for Hydrating the Hair.  Grapeseed restores Dry and Brittle Hair, Promotes Healthy Hair Growth, and Reduces Dandruff.  Grapeseed also restores natural Shine and Vibrancy.


  • Rosemary has Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties which improves Skin Health and Hair Thickness.  Rosemary speeds up Hair Growth by generating the Growth of Cells.  Rosemary also has a Natural Aroma that has been shown to Reduce Stress.

Cool Facts:

Rosemary is a Natural Bug Repellent, and has the Ability to Improve Cellular Generation.