Alkaline Plus

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  • $65.00


*Each Pouch Contains 100 Vegan Capsules*

*Consult with a Physician Before Consumption*

*ALLERGY WARNING - This Product Contains Ingredients from the Tree Nut Family.  Please Consult with a Physician before consuming if you have a Tree Nut Allergy.*

Why Alkaline Plus?

Alkaline Plus is designed to Replenish Electrolytes and Balance the body’s pH.

When the Body becomes Acidic, via Poor Diet and/or Vigorous Activity, it relies on the Electrolyte and Potassium Reserves within the Skeleton and Muscle Tissue in order to maintain Homeostasis.

Homeostasis in the Body = A pH that is Alkaline and an environment free of Inflammation.

When the body has to struggle to maintain Homeostasis, the body becomes weak and vulnerable.  Therefore, resulting in Negative Ailments such as Dis-ease and a weakened Immune System.

Dis-ease and other Ailments Thrive in Acidic and Inflamed environments, which is why it is SO important to maintain an Alkaline pH within the body.  The more Alkaline the Human Body is - the Less Susceptible it is to Inflammation and Dis-ease.

About the Ingredients:

Alkaline Plus is comprised of Dehydrated Coconut Water, which is High in Electrolytes that will Replenish your Reserves.  Alkaline Plus also contains Potassium Bicarbonate, which is Medically Proven to raise the Body’s pH in order to make it Alkaline.  

Cool Facts:

Alkaline Plus has the potential to limit the risk of developing Hypertension and/or Diabetes.