*Each Pouch Contains 100 Vegan Capsules*

*Consult with a Physician Before Consumption*

*Manufactured in a Facility that also Processes Tree Nuts*

*CAFFEINE WARNING - DO NOT Consume more than 4 Capsules Daily.

This Product is comprised of Synthesized Amino Acids.*

Why Evoke?

Evoke is a Fitness Supplement that is designed for the True Fitness Enthusiast.  Evoke gives the Athlete an Advantage by delivering More Oxygen to the Blood in order to Boost Endurance and Performance.   Evoke will Provide the Athlete with Mental Clarity, Focus, Energy, Increased Blood Flow, and the sensation of “Skin Splitting Pumps”.  Use Evoke to Prevent Fatigue, Lactic Acid build up, and Cramps.


  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Maximize Performance
  • Reduce Stress Hormone Cortisol
  • Enhance Muscle Growth
  • Focus
  • Fat Loss
  • Increase Muscle Pumps
  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune System Boosting
  • Anti-Aging
  • Supports Healthy Erectile Function
  • Memory Improvement
  • Boost Metabolism

About the Ingredients:

  • Agmatine Sulfate – is a metabolite of the Amino Acid L-Arginine.  Typically, the mitochondria in the body produce Agmatine when L-Arginine is consumed.  Agmatine is more commonly found in fermented foods with probiotics such as Kimchi, Dairy Free Yogurt, Master Tonic, and Kombucha.  Agmatine will Enhance Blood Flow while boosting Nitric Oxide levels in the body, which is why it is perfect for Fitness Activities.

  • Beta Alanine – is a non-essential Amino Acid.  Unlike most amino acids, it is not used by your body to synthesize proteins.  Instead, together with Histidine (amino acid within the body) it produces a dipeptide molecule called CarnosineCarnosine is highly concentrated in the Brain and Muscle tissue, and is said to increase Muscle Endurance as well as Cognitive Ability.  L-Carnosine is an amino acid that is found in animal products, making it Non-Vegan.  The ingredients in Evoke tell your body to produce its own Carnosine, rather than relying on exogenous sources from animal products, making Evoke completely Vegan.

  • L-Cirtulline DL-Malate 2:1 – aka Citrulline, is an amino acid.  Its name is derived from “citrullus”, the Latin word for Watermelon.  This is because Watermelons contain High Amounts of naturally occurring Citrulline in its rind.  Citrulline will enhance the Nitric Oxide levels in the body, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to muscle tissue during high intensity workouts. This results in greater Muscle Pumps, and Less Fatigue.  Citrulline also Supports Heart Health and boosts the Immune System. 

  • Green Coffee Bean – contains a compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which has revered for its Profound Weight Loss effects.  Green Coffee Beans are in fact coffee beans that have not been denatured by heat.  Thus, making them have greater Nutritional and Holistic benefits.  Green Coffee Beans may help Support Healthy Inflammation Response due to Potent Naturally Occurring Antioxidants.  Green Coffee Beans contain Less Caffeine than their roasted counterpart, but still deliver a Modest Dose to give you enough Energy to Power through High Intensity workouts. 

Cool facts:

This was the first product that Yaya (CEO) developed in 2014. “At first, it was difficult as a body builder to wean off of fitness supplements, since the majority of them are not vegan. I was worried about my gains, and still wanted to have epic workouts. That is when I developed Evoke. It is a vegan Pre Workout that gives me the energy, focus, and crazy muscle pumps – without all of the chemicals found in commercial fitness products and energy drinks.” - Yaya